Diamond Privileges – The Card for Total Relaxation


Ever thought of relaxing those tired muscles after a hard workout? Well, look no further! Diamond Privileges is the new lifestyle membership wellness program that will help you do just that….and more!

Hot StoneDiamond Privileges member can enjoy every form of rejuvenation therapy for amazing prices just by flashing their Diamond Privileges Card. If you enjoy massages, get the best of Malay, Thai, Hot Stone, Aroma, Swedish, Shiatsu, Balinese, Foot, Hydrotherapy, Lomi-Lomi and more with over 20 choice spas within the city. Indulge yourself with Hungarian Baths, Seaweed Treatments, Exfoliating Body Scrubs, Herbal Scrubs, Mud Body Wraps, Infra Red Thermal Therapy plus a whole range of other spa services. Whether it is a traditional European treatment or a modern invention, you will get the best deals with Diamond Privileges.


Diamond Privileges 004 Members also enjoy the best in skin care like Deep Cleansing Facials, Antioxidant Treatments, Cellular Repair and Aromatherapy Facials. For well-groomed and beautiful hands and feet, members can get a whole range of manicures, pedicures and waxing! All at the best prices, guaranteed!

To further enhance the member’s wellbeing, Diamond Privileges also gets members exclusive yoga lessons and fitness assessments with the top trainers in town at no extra charge.

If you have been working hard, you deserve to pamper yourself. You deserve to heal your mind, body and spirit. You deserve to regain balance and higher wellness. You deserve Diamond Privileges.

And if you have been thinking of what to get for your loved one, look no further. Call 03-2697 0007 or visit www.diamondprivileges.com today.





The first 100 customers who get Diamond Privileges will receive RM4,000 worth of spa & wellness vouchers absolutely free!

Looking For Fitness Trainers

Ever thought of becoming a fitness trainer? Now’s your chance!

Fitness Network in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama are on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join their team of trainers. Experience is a plus but not necessary as long as you are self motivated and willing to learn.

Fitness Network is on an expansion plan for their gym. Anybody of any race, age or gender is welcomed to apply.

Those interested, please call the gym directly at 03-7726 9687.

Professional Fitness Forum 2008

One of our partner fitness centre, Candi Soo Fitness, is organising its Professional Fitness Forum 2008 at UCSI University. The event will have a unique blend of fitness and fashion and also includes hi-tea and lucky draw. Those interested, please call 03-23001574 for tickets. Come one, come all!

Profit forum take 3

Mega Hans for Sale

Nestled comfortably among the busy business area of Tai Pan, lies a gym called Mega Hans. A peculiar name for a gym indeed. When asked, the owner – a bubbly chap name Mr Partap – says that it was sentimentally named after his mother. Partap is a 54 year old veteran in the gym scene and is looking to retire. He plans to buy a plot of land in Umbai, Melaka and build his dream farm filled with mangosteen and durian trees where he can work shirtless all day.


So, calling those who are looking for a small but well looked after and reasonably equipped gym, here’s your chance. Mega Hans is for urgent sale. The gym comes with 6 air con units which are still functioning, a full circle of mirrors, 3 treadmills, 2 magnetic bikes, a Smith machine, Cable Crossovers, a Multi Station, 17 pieces of strength equipments and over 2000 pounds of free weights. There are about 40 existing members currently paying RM100 each. Rental is very reasonable at RM1,500 per month.


A wave of sentiment grew over me when Partap called me to announce his retirement. This was the man who started my first foray into the iron world. I joined his gym when I was a fresh 18 year old and he thought me the ropes with full dedication and heart. 12 years later, I still follow the sound training advice that the old timer put forward those days. Nothing really beats a good foundation that will take you through your exercising years.


For those who are interested, please call old Partap directly at 0126736109 or 56321521. The price he is asking is RM50K for everything, lock, stock and barrel.

Supplements To Burn Fat

I have noticed quite a number of people getting interested in supplements that burn fat. Just a couple of years ago, this was unheard of. If you want a fit body, just work on the cardio and really watch the diet. It was that simple. However, with scientific advancement, there are quite a number of supplements out there that can assist in fat burning. Fat burners is a huge market in America and it seems to be slowly picking up here in Malaysia too.


However, if you surf the net, you will find many extraordinary claims which are grossly exaggerated. Many of them have no scientific basis in their claims. Thus, it is quite important to have a slightly more indepth study when one is contemplating fat burners. A few factors to consider include whether the company producing it is well known and has a proven track record and whether they have reliable clinical data with proper testing. Dont just look at the pictures, you’ve gotta look closer.


One of the most popular fat burner in Malaysia is Hydroxycut Hardcore. It mainly uses a combination of green tea and caffeine in their propeitary blend. There are some other ingredients like Yohimbe, which is derived from the bark of an African tree but they are more like "little extras" for the added boost.


Does it work? Most people claim it does. The product generally will make one feel slightly jittery, with a small increase in heart rate. My take is that if you are taking the product without watching your diet and adding up on the cardio sessions, it is a waste of time. You will need a combination of all these factors to see some real results. Don’t expect miracles on it’s own. I prefer to use the money for a nice pair of shoes to motivate my fat burning jogging sessions. 

Chinese New Year is here!

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. You can hear the exciting pounding of the drums, see the bright colours, hear the clacking of fire crackers and of course, tantalize the pallet with the vast array of Chinese New Year dishes and goodies. Chinese New Year is a time where set themselves up to indulge. Mine is going to start with a huge dinner – my mom has ordered a Chinese New Year dinner set for 10 pax but there are only 7 of us in the family. It’s going to be huge!


That is why it is very important for us to sneak in an exercise or two if possible. I have been doing lots of prayers, cleaning the house but I know I have some free time later this evening which I intend to use for a quick jog. That is how you should balance your excessive intake this season – by burning off a little more than usual. A quick 20 minute jog will burn about 300 calories for someone my size. Enough to burn off about 12 assorted new year cookies.


Anyway, GONG XI FAT CHAI to you. Enjoy your new year but go easy on those calorie laden goodies…



Why Should We Detox?

I live in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The environment is more polluted than ever. Water sources are increasingly suspect. They say we can drink from the tap – I highly doubt many can stomach that. We are also exposed to a whole lot of chemicals – look at our new age furniture, clothing, carpets, cars. And don’t forget the chemicals we apply directly to our bodies in the form of personal care producs made from petroleum and other toxic substances.

Some say that our bodies are a tough machine and can handle such stresses. Well, this may be true if we ate nothing but healthy food and drink the purest of water in addition to the right exercise, are emotionally stable, took the right amount of supplements, avoid second hand smoke, caffeine and alcohol. I think that excludes 99% (maybe more) of us.

This means that for most of us, our body, especially our liver, will need to process a huge amount of toxins in addition to their normal work such as metabolizing proteins, fats and sugars. When the liver cannot accomplish all these functions, you eventually begin to experience symptoms such as fatigue, skin problems, lack of concentration, headaches, allergies and whole lot of other diseases. Your liver will be overworked!

This is what a detox is generally for. Your liver will be able to take a rest (well, at least reduce its workload). Going through a detox also teaches one about the importance of having good food and how your body overloaded most of the time. Hopefully, it will also be the impetus for you to learn more about why diets plays a huge part in your health. Finally, it is also the best stepping stone to proper weight loss, healthier eating and lifelong change.

Small Gym Focus: EITP Pan Global


Nestled among to factory area of Jalan Tandang (near Jalan 222), Petaling Jaya, you will find a Pan Global building. Perched on the top floor of the building lies a hidden treasure – EITP Pan Global. Founded by Mr JC Francis Carvalho, this gym is the third that the high spirited and extremely enthusiastic individual has carved. The first two is in SS2 and Damansara Jaya.



EITP Pan Global is quite well stocked with equipments for a small gym. Most of the equipments are well maintained. The weight stacks go to quite heavy which is good for the stronger fellows. Nonetheless, the array of strength machines make is quite ideal for the beginners as well.


The cardio equipment sections are quite nicely done as well. the threadmills are from Reebok and are placed in a brightly lit area. There is also a variety of cycling machines, steppers and eliptical trainers. The flooring throughout the whole gym is padded for added comfort.

The real winning point of EITP Pan Global is its facilities. Right next to the gym, a 25 meter swimming pool welcome you to take a dive. The pool is brightly lit at night, which makes it ideal for the office worker to cool down from the day’s heated events. Don’t be surprise to hear the pounding of squash balls while you are working out – a squash court is situated right in the middle of the gym as well!


For added cardio, you may head to the futsal pitch on the same floor of the gym. The futsal pitch is separately charged but it is beautifully built with spectator seats on both sides. The floor is of a padded material which is easier on the knees. You can relax with a cup of "teh tarik" at the stall right outside the futsal pitch after a long hard match.


For those living in the area, EITP Pan Global is quite a hidden treasure.

Small Gym Focus: Energy Fitness Studio

Not many people know or heard of this gym. It is relatively new: about 1 year old. Compared to Fitness Network which has been around for more than 10 years, Energy Fitness Studio is a new kid on the block.

energy fitness banner2

The gym is located in the convenient Dataran Glomac area, which is directly behind Giant in Kelana Jaya. The development has 1 big advantage – parking is plenty and free! There are also many food and drinks outlets in the area.


The gym is owned by Azrul, a young enterpreneur who is new to the gym business. Being new however, does not mean that Azrul stinged on outfitting the gym. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised when stepping into Energy Fitness Studio. Though quite small, the gym spans two floors – the first for classes and the second for equipments and cardio machines. The equipments are from mainly from Life Fitness, an established brand in the market. Most of the basic strength equipments are found here plus a few unique others. A full set of dumbells await those who prefer free weights.

CNergy Gym 160

You will find that the gym is quite tastefully done with beautiful plasma TVs donning the walls. The place is clean and has a comfortable and tidy feel. The reception area is manned by two muscular chaps who will greet you cheerfully. They also sell supplements from Elite at a good price plus other stuff like apparels and gloves.

CNergy Gym 163(2)

The shower rooms are very nicely done. It has a "hotel feel" to it (though some might disagree..). The floors are decorated with a stone like material that is comfortable to the skin. There are also lockers to store the valuables.

CNergy Gym 171

On the whole, the gym gives one a good vibe. The response have been good thus far, and Azrul intend to expand his gym to the next door shoplot by next year. Looks like the people in the Kelana Jaya area have really got something to look forward to, fitness wise, in 2008. 

Small Gym Focus: Fitness Network

In the midst of the heavy promotions and marketing from the big players, many of the good quality small gyms are overshadowed. One of them is Fitness Network in Centerpoint, Bandar Utama.

fitness network-logo

Conveniently located in the Centerpoint area, Fitness Network is a long standing community gym that has been around for some time. The owners, Michael and Lily, are a fitness-centric couple who has been in the business for over 15 years. Michael, a former champion triathlete ensures an easy going friendly environment is the norm while mantaining a high standard of professionalism. Lily, a certified colon hydrotherapist, focuses on the detox programs that help people from all walks of life.

CNergy Gym 128

Though drowned amongst their giant neighbours, Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First, many are pleasantly surprised when they visit this place. There is a large class studio which houses spinning bikes and other class related equipments. You will that the classes are very good – they have similar classes like the big boys such as Body Pump, Body Balance and RPM which are extremely popular with the female members. The trainers are experienced and are often free lancers who also teach in the big gyms.

CNergy Gym 131

The main gym area is packed with a good range of equipments from Nautilus, a renowed American brand. Though quite old, they function perfectly well.

CNergy Gym 135

There is also a neat range of cardio equipments such as treadmills, cycling machines, steppers and eliptical trainers for members to use. It is seldom packed, which means waiting for equipments is a seldom seen thing. Members can exercise while watching the plasma screen which mostly is on the MTV channel.


The gym also provides shower facilities and lockers (bring your own lock). The toilet is small but clean and neat. Yes, hot showers are available for those who fear the cold.

CNergy Gym 139

There is also a small lounge area for members to get together to chat, have a drink or read the papers and magazines. You will often find lively chatter amongst members about their work, children and happenings in town. This is probably the strongest pulling factor of Fitness Network – a friendly neighbourhood touch.